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Nitro-Fuze Grass Seed
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  Guaranteed to grow

  Requires less water & fertilizer

  Quickly Establishes

  save time & money

  only 3 simple planting steps

  Heat, disease, drought tolerant

premium-grade seed for
drought & disease resistance
nitrogen-infused fertilizer for
quick growth
water-absorbent coating to
prevent under watering
For healthier and stronger growth, Nitro-Fuze technology starts with a premium-grade seed, bred specifically for traits such as excellent cold tolerance, superior brown patch resistance and early spring green up. It's hard to compete with a premium-grade seed that's genetically predisposed to succeed.
To ensure that the seed receives the ideal amount of fertilizer at the optimal time that it's needed, the seed contains essential nitrogen fused directly with the seed. The result is superior growth that requires less water and no additional fertilization, which makes less work and more enviromentally friendly.
On top of a genetically superior seed infused with the perfect amount of fertilizer, we added a water-absorbent coating. This finishing touch holds more moisture than uncoated seed for accelerated and more complete germination, topping off the recipe for the perfect lawn.
Nitro-Fuze Tall Fescue Grass Seed
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the seed
like no other.

TALL FESCUE nitro-fuze grass seed
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